The DO’s and DON’Ts post interview

With a fresh new CV to start off your year, it won’t be long until invites for interviews start pouring in. Many forget to think about what happens after the interview and most importantly how to deal with the pressure of waiting. There a few things that are necessary in becoming the ONE that sticks to the interviewers mind (this is key).

BE PATIENT – First things first, it is important not to be desperate; it isn’t viewed as a professional or an appealing quality in any candidate. There is a fine line between looking like a desirable applicant and putting pressure on the company and calling before they contact you, especially before the period of time they may have previously stated. If time has passed and you still haven’t had any contact since the interview, then calling or emailing would be acceptable.

GET IN CONTACT – At this point make sure when you do call, you speak to the right person. During your interview asking for direct contact details or simply getting a business card will ensure you won’t end up speaking to a person outside of the hiring process.

IT’S ALL IN THE DETAIL – With most pressured situations, moments after they occur panic naturally sets in and in the case of an interview, questions on your performance come from every single angle; what exactly did I say? Was it right? Should I have said this too? But instead of panicking just remember it isn’t referred to as a ‘first impression` if you are granted a second, third, and fourth chance too. Be confident in how you first came across. One tip for organising a flustered mind is to make notes from the interview, this way it is fresh and can help tailor any of your future responses.

HAVE A PROFFESSIONAL MANNER – When contacting your interviewer, be sure to use the correct words, grammar and tone, especially through written communication. If this is done correctly it will distinguish you between the warm, welcoming applicant to the stalker type who just won’t go away! More importantly, humour is a no go zone, even more so if the joke is bad enough to begin with!

EVERY INTERVIEW COUNTS – if you are unfortunately not chosen, don’t be sour about the outcome instead ask for direct, constructive feedback if you feel uncertain about your interview methods. A polite and modest candidate is more likely to be recommended for future roles, never assume anything.

Because we are good at what we do, don’t forget this advice is available at Smart Moves Recruitment. We are here to help you every step of the way – it’s what we do best after all!

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