Smart Moves Technical – The First Year…..

Smart Moves Technical celebrated our first anniversary this month and I can honestly say that I wasn’t prepared for how rewarding a career I had chosen to move ahead with. Our first year has been a fantastic journey, yet we feel that we have only just started and Smart Moves Technical remains our best kept secret.

So, what is “Technical”?
I’ve spent the past year recruiting for a variety of roles in IT and engineering, ranging from SQL developers to electro-mechanical field engineers. I was very lucky in the sense that my engineering background gave me a solid foundation and some industry knowledge, but I was not prepared for the amount I would have to learn. Understanding the client, taking a brief on the job specification and understanding exactly what the role would entail was key, but the importance of understanding the skills a candidate possesses can’t be understated. You don’t have to be a computer scientist or understand the inner workings of a printer, but a grasp of what makes a good engineer really helps.

The exposure to the wide variety of roles I’ve recruited for bodes well for growing Smart Moves Technical as a brand and puts us in a great position to provide the best level of training and support to aspiring recruiters that join us as my team develops. Personally, I’ll specialise in something more specific as we grow the brand, but for now the range of jobs I’m recruiting for is providing a great insight and footprint in the market, as well as attracting the exceptional level of talent we have in the area.

What have I enjoyed?
The amazing thing about this job is that every day I learn something new. Whether it’s the definition of Agile in Project Management or which candidate to put forward based on their transferable skills from another industry; every day is different and every day you get a new insight in to the business world. On top of that, there is no better feeling than calling a company, having a person you placed pick up the phone, and catching up with them on how much they’re enjoying their new role. Or conversely, hearing from a client about what a brilliant job the candidate you placed is doing.

I have the chance to change these people’s lives, and that’s not something to take lightly.

What have I learnt?
Aside from the variety of roles I’ve recruited for, and the number of companies I have had the privilege of learning about, there are things I’ve learnt that I think everyone building a desk should know.

  • Don’t devalue your brand. It’s okay to say no to a company if the terms they offer aren’t in line with your level of service. Be proud of what you are able provide.
  • Listen. This can’t be stressed enough, whilst no one expects you to be a developer or know an air conditioning unit inside out, you need to understand exactly what has been successful for your clients previously in terms of their hiring process, and what hasn’t worked so well.
  • Be honest. If you don’t understand something, definitely don’t blag it. The likelihood is that you’ll be found out straight away and it won’t do your reputation any good – and in this industry, word travels fast. Referrals are a great way to grow your network and saying, “I’m not sure about that, let me double check it and get back to you”, will go a lot further in building long-term trust and a healthy rapport.
  • Don’t be afraid to give advice to a senior candidate. They might have more knowledge about the role than you, but you will (or should) understand the recruitment and interview process better than them, as well as your client’s values, culture and vision. This is key to preparing your candidates and don’t be afraid to offer constructive criticism when you meet them. It’s in their best interests.

In a market that is more candidate driven than ever (especially in Milton Keynes), these points are key to building your reputation and attracting candidates of high quality.

So where do we go from here?
We’re in a very exciting position here at Smart Moves. With the addition of specialist sectors, and the intention to become more niche in our specialisms as our business continues to grow, we will be in the unique position to focus on very specific areas, thus adding more value to our client proposition.

I am massively grateful to have been given the chance to build a niche vertical in such a well-known and respected brand within the local area; joining a company with 16 years’ experience in the local market has been invaluable in terms of the market insight I have gained, as well as being able to help some of our long-standing clients in ways that we were traditionally not able to in the past. It has been an unbelievable year in which we’ve had success that I know wouldn’t have been possible without a market leading brand and the support of an experienced team around me. I can’t wait to see how our 17th year looks as we move ahead with some exciting plans for growth… I should think we’ll have monopolised the Milton Keynes market by 2018.

Until then, don’t hesitate to give me a call if you would like to speak about how I can help you find your perfect role, or if you’re looking to hire someone who would fall under the Technical remit. You didn’t expect this to come without a tiny bit of a pitch, did you?

Our marketing strategy so far has brought in some fantastic clients from across the country, however, it would be great to meet more local businesses to understand how you are finding recruitment. Milton Keynes is a notoriously competitive town, which with low unemployment means truly talented and exciting candidates can sometimes be very hard to find – we should know – we represent some of them exclusively.Okay, that’s enough pitching for now.

Back to the day job, there’s a lot of work to do to make sure that our second year is even better than the first.

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