New Year , New CV.

With 2015 soon approaching, the mince pies and mulled wine can make any will-powered, hardworking busy body weaken in the last few week of December. This time of year is crunch time, so as your advent calendar reduces in chocolates the chance to grab the last opportunities of 2014 decreases. Most of all, we tend to review the working year – How have we performed? What have we brought to the table? The majority of us will think about what needs to change, the first thing we look at is the CV. If you simply need to change a few things this will be fine, but if you haven’t dusted your CV off in a decade or so, a re-vamp is necessary.

To complete the ultimate CV before the New Year Champagne is finally popped open is to take the simple step-by-step process. First of all:

BE READY – This means for anything, however sure you are of your current role and position, never doubt your ability and skills. So keep that CV updated, process all of your achievements and career journey. Not everything is expected, but being prepared will always give you an advantage. Whether you have been looking for a new job purposely or you happen to stumble across that dream job, an up-to-date CV will mean you can apply and send it already suited and booted. Send a current version of your CV to the recruitment agency you work with, and the agencies that you have a relationship with will ensure that suitable job goes unnoticed and all the opportunities are sent to you. Even thinking about internal job openings, taking time to refresh your profile on your CV can influence your potential and open up a new job role. Anything is possible if you choose to be ready.

Your personal development is the only way to being ready. As time goes by, it is even harder to highlight all of the achievements and projects you have attained over time. This is a great way to review and improve on ‘you` personally; it could even be one of your many New Year’s Resolutions! Your personal growth doesn’t just have to apply to a CV, but alongside all other platforms such as LinkedIn. Having full control of who views your profile, and easy to update you can access a variety of the market makes this the perfect companion to your CV. The little things like noting down every specific responsibility you are given is recorded, and updating your CV every four-six months can help out a lot. If the thought of enhancing your CV is daunting, think about the basics, like the font. For instance the format needs to be fresh, be sure to look online for templates and guidelines to create a stand out self-profile. This is your one chance to differentiate yourself on paper, so have fun with it.

It is important to remember not to wait until you want or need a new job, update, evaluate and make it GREAT, because GOOD is so 2014!

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