We’ve all heard the cliché that people buy people, so how important is image?

Are we judged on whether we wear designer or high street clothes? Is there relevance on the cars we drive? Do we truly judge ourselves and others if they don’t have the latest iPhone or tablet?

Living in a society of gadgets and ‘must haves’ makes us very image conscientious – but to what extend?

There is no mistake then when you go for an interview, ‘dressing to impress’ is important.   A smart business/dress suit with clean shoes certainly gives the right impression, but once you’ve exchanged pleasantries and started your interview how important is your image then?

Self-belief and confidence in everyday life, not just in an interview, is our DNA and what makes us appealing to – I know you’re going to say ‘others’, but no – ourselves.

Confidence and integrity come from within, which is the reason people get on with others and experience ‘chemistry’.   If you try to be someone you’re not, people will see through the bravado and distrust sets in.

First impressions are definitely important, but you have to be able to underpin this with a good self-image. If you want people to believe in you, then believe in yourself first.

If you like flashy cars, does that make you flashy on the inside? If you’re designer at any cost on the outside, are you ‘at any cost’ on the inside?

So, is your self-image on the outside or the inside?

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