February – ‘Love’ your job month?

An article in the HR Review caught my eye the other day, so I thought I would share it with you.

Apparently, ‘National Sickie Day’ (Monday 3rd Feb) is the day that most people are likely to take off.  I was astonished to learn that 375,000 UK workers took the day off last year costing employers close to £30 million in wages, lost hours and overtime.

There will no doubt be some genuine reasons for this figure, but some of the excuses are quite literally unbelievable!  I’ve listed some below – see what you think…

  • A woman called to say she couldn’t come in because she had been play fighting with her boyfriend and hurt her finger as a result
  • One man said he only had one pair of work trousers and that they were wet because his mum has washed them, so he couldn’t make it into the office
  • Another person said they needed new tyres on their car and it would otherwise be illegal for them to drive to work
  • One person said the weather was too bad to cycle to work while another said they were too tired to cycle to work
  • Someone spiked my drink with alcohol at the pub yesterday, so I won’t be in today
  • I got beat on FIFA last night and punched the wall. I broke my hand and will be off today

We all have days where we want to switch the alarm off and throw the duvet back over our heads.  I’m sure even Usain Bolt gets up some mornings and doesn’t feel like training!

It’s easier said than done, I know, but we spend so much of our day at work we really should enjoy what we do.    The article got me thinking… just how many people enjoy or even, dare I say, ‘love’ their job? 

We’ve been fortunate to have been working on some really nice jobs so far this year and the clients we’ve been working with have a great company ethos, not to mention some of the best working environments in MK. The market is definitely changing, so if you’re not happy in your job, don’t switch off the alarm and bury yourself under the duvet, think about changing your circumstances and find a new opportunity.  If that’s not possible, focus on an element of your role that you really enjoy and keep that feeling when you’re tempted to call in a sickie.

February:  Love your job month. 

Has a certain ring to it, don’t you think?!

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