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Agency over social recruiting

Social media plus recruitment equals Social Recruiting, but is it safe?

According to the REC, social media will revolutionise the recruitment industry. This year the recruitment market has seen a significant link to social networking as increasingly more companies are using technology to advertise vacancies. While this is a free service and an accessible way for both employers and candidates to engage with each other there are flaws in the system. There are privacy risks due to fake employers posting fraudulent information which could result in these people viewing a member’s personal information. Another threat is that candidates face greater competition as these job adverts reach a wider audience, there are limited functions when uploading applications not to mention, the fact that attachments can be lost.

Recruitment agencies continue to be a popular choice for job seekers as there are a wealth of benefits when registering your details. Agencies have long lasting relationships with their clients and provide an honest and reliable service, it is a more personable experience and more importantly gives individuals the chance to discuss what to expect in an interview scenario. After all, practise makes perfect. Whether you are employed, unemployed, a graduate with limited work experience or just fancy a change in career, a recruitment agency offers efficiency, professionalism and reassurance to those who lack confidence.

So, although social media is predicted as a key trend for 2013, agencies remain a key competitor so stay safe, stay smart!

Social change... social media?